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 Guitar body sets
Flame Figure tops
Spalt Figure tops
Quilt Figure tops
Burl - Birdseye Figure tops
Walnut & Other tops
Bass Wings
Solid Body blanks - Billets
Electric Guitar Kits - Woods only
 Archtop sets
Hardwoods Backs & Sides
Softwood Archtops
Archtop Kits - Woods only
 Acoustic Backs & Sides
Maple Back & Side sets
Rosewood Back & Side sets
Walnut Back & Side sets
Other Back & Side sets
Backs only
Sides only
 Acoustic Tops
Sitka Spruce tops
Engelmann Spruce tops
Red Cedar tops
Adirondak (Red) Spruce tops
Lutz Spruce
Other Acoustic tops
 Bracewood - Tone Bar - Structural Parts
Bracewood - Tone Bar
Reinforcement Parts
 Mandolin - Violin
Backs (Hardwoods)
Tops (Softwoods)
Mandolin Violin Kits - Woods and Parts
 Necks - Fingerboards - Bridge Blanks
Heel Blocks - End Blocks
Bridge Blanks
 Pickguards - Rosettes - Headstock - Control Cover
 Instrument Parts - Hardware
Tuners - Strings
Tailpieces - Bridges - Pickups
Bindings - Kerfing
Inlay - Purfling - Decorative parts
Bridge Pins - Nut & Saddle - Tie Blocks
Truss Rods - Reinforcement Rods
 Craftwood - Turningwood - Carving Wood
Bowl Blanks
Carving Wood - Big Craftwood Blocks
Live Edge Slabs
Large Spindles: Pool Cues, Baseball Bats, Vases, Urns
Medium Spindles: Peppermill blanks
Small Spindles: Knife Scales, Pen Blanks
Scroll saw - Intarsia - Pyrography
 Machinery - Power Tools
Dust Collectors - Vacuums - Air Filtration
Lathes - Tools - Accessories
Planers - Jointers - Accessories
Table Saws
Stationary and Bench Tools - Accesories
Wood Burning - Wood Carving
Power Tools
Bandsaws - Blades - Accesories
 Hand Tools - Supplies - Books
Specialized Hand Saws
Specialized Files
Carving Knifes - Chisels (wood carving)
Wood Treatment, Glue
Luthier Books / Plans
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