Spalted Maple Side set, 5.5
Spalted Maple Side set, 5.5' wide, 35.5' long (HIGHLY FIGURED) - Stock# 16632

Spalted Maple Side set, 5.5" wide, 35.5" long (HIGHLY FIGURED) - Stock# 16632

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Price: CAD$:45.00
Part Number: 16632
in Stock: 1
1 Big Leaf Maple (acer macrophyllum) bookmatched set of two pieces.
Size: 0.16" x 5.5" x 35.5" each half.
Superb figure, beautiful spalt figure.
* Fairly solid spalt * Due to the brittle nature of this material, we can only recommend it to builders who are aware of the issues related to working with this kind of material.
Thickness planed top and back.
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.

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