16-32' SuperMax® Drum Sander on Open Stand

16-32" SuperMax® Drum Sander on Open Stand

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Price: CAD$:1,999.00
Part Number: SMX-1632
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The 16-32 Drum Sander (#71632) is the newest member of SuperMax Tools drum sander family which was designed with new features to improve productivity.

  • Patented Quick Adjustment Lever: reduces set-up time.
  • Built-in DRO (digital read out): maintain material thicknesses to increase accuracy and quality.
  • Turbo Vented dust port: increases airflow to your dust collector by 15%.
  • Rear placement of the Gear Motor: improved conveyor belt tracking.

These new features complement the same great features SuperMax Tools have provided for years.

  • Patented Fast Lever: allows quick adjustments for wide and narrow stock
  • INTELLISAND Technology: prevents gouging, damaging, or burning material.

Additional Accessories are detailed below.

16-32 Drum Sander vs. Other Brands

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