Alder Pickguard 0.2
Alder Pickguard 0.2' x 7' x 20'

Alder Pickguard 0.2" x 7" x 20"

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Price: CAD$:12.00
Part Number: PKGRD-ALD-20x7
in Stock: 10
Quantity Price
5 - 10 CAD$:11.40
11+ CAD$:10.80
1 Alder (alnus rubra) piece.
Size: 0.2" x 7" x 20" minimum (some may be thicker), usually flatsawn to riftsawn.
You will receive a similar piece, of the same shown quality, with no structural defects.
As illustrated, some piece may have small solid knots (all structurally sound).
Thickness planed top and back.
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.

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