Burnmaster HAWK 110V Wood Burner set (pen + 10 tips)
Burnmaster HAWK 110V Wood Burner set (pen + 10 tips)

Burnmaster HAWK 110V Wood Burner set (pen + 10 tips)

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Burnmaster HAWK 110V Wood Burner set (pen + 10 tips)
This affordable set has all the essentials needed for quality wood burning. This set includes the Burnmaster® Hawk 1-Port wood burning power supply, pen patch cord / adapter set plus the Burnmaster® wood burning pen and full selection of 10-burning tips.
It accepts all major pen connection systems! So instead of being forced to use just one pen brand or buying adapters, you can choose & use virtually any pen. The Burnmaster accepts wood burning pens by Leisure Time Prod. (Detail Master), Colwood (Detailer), SMC / PJL, (Optima), Nibs, Navesink, Razertip & others with similar connections.
Burnmaster controllers feature, pro quality components, 130-watts max. transformer, precise variable power supply (now with micro heat adjustment), custom designed circuitry, reset fuse protection, all metal housing, non-slip rubber feet, 6 power cord, manual & 3-year warranty.
Ergonomic, self-aligning pen design, puts tip in the same position every time!
Screw posts ensure positive electrical contact pressure & with use remove performance robbing micro corrosion.
Gold & copper contacts ensure superior electrical conductivity & performance. Razertip adapter included.
Each tip is carefully shaped from advanced alloy tip wire and features precision made copper contacts for superior electrical conductivity. Selection includes the most useful, popular and time-proven shapes. These tip shapes are ideal for most projects, including: detailing and texturing wood carvings, flat burning, gourd art and more!

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