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Carter Products 6' Plate for FACE-OFF™ Modular Face Plate System

Carter Products 6" Plate for FACE-OFF™ Modular Face Plate System

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Price: CAD$:48.95
Part Number: CRTR-FPC-M6
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The Carter FACE-OFF™ modular face plate system is a unique new system that allows the turner the ability to use multiple faces for their work, while only needing one threaded adapter for mounting on the lathe. This allows the turner to keep the face mounted on their work while it dries, they work on another project, or anything that would require a turner to normally remove and need to remount a faceplate. Since the face can now remain mounted the piece will be perfectly centered when they come back to turning it again. The system is available as a combo kit with adapter and a single 3" face, but is also available as individual components.

This includes:

  • 3" Faceplate for FACE-OFF Modular Face Plate System

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