Cottonwood Burl Guitar set, 1
Cottonwood Burl Guitar set, 1' thick (HIGHLY FIGIRED) - Stock# 2-7631

Cottonwood Burl Guitar set, 1" thick (HIGHLY FIGIRED) - Stock# 2-7631

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Price: CAD$:180.00
Part Number: 2-7631
in Stock: 1
1 Cottonwood Burl (populus trichocarpa) bookmatched set of two pieces.
Size: 1" x 7.7" x 21.5" each half.
Superb burl figure.
Has deep cracks (marked). Unusual consistency (feels like a sea sponge, with the deep voids and bark incursions).
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.

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