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Dreadnought, 1 Red Cedar 0.15" Guitar set (Factory)

Dreadnought, 1 Red Cedar 0.15" Guitar set (Factory)

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Part Number:RCDR-FCT
1 Red Cedar (thuja plicata) bookmatched set of two pieces.
Size: 0.15" x 8.4" x 21"each half.
Great stiff tonewood, without structural defects in the template area.
Quartersawn, roughsawn.
Air dried, well aged (over one year old), currently at 10% moisture content. Natural.
You will receive a similar set, of the same shown quality and Grade.
All the sets in this grade will be stiff and will have color banding (as illustrated in the photos).
You can expect some variety from one set to the next, in terms of grain and coloration, and possibly a few hard lines.

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