Ebony Spindle, 1.5
Ebony Spindle, 1.5' x 24' long

Ebony Spindle, 1.5" x 24" long

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Price: CAD$:45.00
Part Number: SPNDL-EB-15x24
in Stock: 4
1 Ebony (pdiospyros ebenum) spindle.
Size: 1.5" x 1.5" x 24" (± 0.13")
Without structural defects.
The pieces may have one or two small knots, or color banding.
The pieces shown represent the quality you can expect in this batch.
The pieces are very roughsawn, and may require sanding.
You will receive as nice, or nicer pieces than illustrated.
You have our guarantee that you will receive no lesser quality then the ones illustrated.
Kiln dried, currently at 15% moisture content.

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