Flexcut 4-Piece Carving Knife Set
Flexcut 4-Piece Carving Knife Set

Flexcut 4-Piece Carving Knife Set

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Price: CAD$:124.99
Part Number: FLX-KN100
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The Flexcut® 4-Piece Carving Knife Set is a collection of the most popular knives brought together to offer a versatile set of carving profiles as well as a great value.
The razor sharp edges and comfortable handles combine to give hours of carving without hand fatigue.

This KN100 Set Includes:
- Cutting Knife - Multi-purpose knife for roughing out and general carving.
- Detail Knife - The pointed tip allows for working in tight areas of detail.
- Pelican Knife - The rounded blade cuts in hollow areas and can be used to make rolled, slicing cuts. The relieved back allows the tip to turn in a small radius.
- Mini Pelican Knife - The ultra-thin blade can create extremely fine detail without disturbing adjacent work. Almost effortless cutting action.
- 4 Pocket Tool Roll - Allows for safe storage of sharp tools.

High Quality, Made in the USA.

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