Indian Rosewood neck blank 0.9
Indian Rosewood neck blank 0.9' x 4' x 34'

Indian Rosewood neck blank 0.9" x 4" x 34"

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Export restricted (read description) - $99.99
Part Number: NK-INRWD-QS1
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* CITES certificate is required for international buyers * 
Indian Rosewood Lumber export is restricted and can only be shipped in Canada without CITES certification. 
We can provide a Certificate for our international buyers; however, please be aware that Indian Rosewood can only be shipped by itself through UPS/FedEx/DHL courier companies (it cannot be combined with any other items). Custom clearance fees will be charged by the courier companies for the service (usually about $25.00 per shipment). 
The process of getting the certificate takes about 20 business days.

1 piece, size: 0.9" x 4.2" x 34" (± 0.15")
Fairly straight grains, quartersawn within 25°.
No structural defects.
Thickness planed top and back.
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.

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