Instant CA Glue
Instant CA Glue 'Hot Stuff' 2oz. bottle

Instant CA Glue "Hot Stuff" 2oz. bottle

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Seattle City Instant Glue "Hot Stuff"
Fast Bond in 3 to 5 seconds.
Works with wood, metal, rubber, composites, many plastic types, and more.
Bonds non-porous, tightly-fitting materials or harden porous material.
Water viscosity, penetrates cracks easily.
This Super glue is ideal for gluing wood inlay, filling and stopping the spread of splits and hairline cracks in wood products and stone. To strengthen stone and porous wood, apply Hot Stuff CA glue to the entire surface and allow it to soak into the pores and cracks- you can also use this instant glue on carbon fiber or fiberglass cloth instead of using resin!
Made in the USA.

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