Instant CA Glue Super
Instant CA Glue Super 'T' 2oz. bottle

Instant CA Glue Super "T" 2oz. bottle

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Seattle City Instant Glue Super "T"
Medium bond time of 10 to 25 seconds.
Works with wood, metal, rubber, composites, many plastic types, and more.
Bonds non-porous, tightly-fitting materials or harden porous material.
With a syrup viscosity, this Super T instant glue is used by professionals to assemble guitars and other musical instruments, dental prosthetics, auto stereo systems, movie sets, trophies, car and airplane interiors, high-end jewelry, and the list is very long. Super T is the most versatile CA glue, able to bond porous and non-porous materials with a good fit as well as fill gaps, which is why it is so popular. You don't have to be a professional to use this super glue- its perfect not only for recreational hobbies like model-building, but also for fixing all the little things that fall apart.
In addition to bonding parts together, you can easily use this super glue for a professional-quality finish and to repair damage to other finishes.
We recommend using the NCF Quick CA glue accelerator to speed up the cure time and ensure a complete cure of the bond.
Made in the USA.

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