Maple Flame neck blank 2.4
Maple Flame neck blank 2.4' x 4' x 23.5' (1A Clear, can yield 2 necks)

Maple Flame neck blank 2.4" x 4" x 23.5" (1A Clear, can yield 2 necks)

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Price: CAD$:29.99
Part Number: NK-MPLFLFT2-1Ax2
in Stock: 2
1 Big Leaf Maple (acer macrophyllum) piece.
Size: 2.4" x 4" x 23.5"
Clear wood, with no figure, or very light figure.
You will receive similar clear pieces, with no structural defects.
Flatsawn within 20°.
Thickness planed.
Kiln dried, currently at 10% moisture content.

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