Mastercarver 12
Mastercarver 12' Quarter Carving Bar & 3/8' Chain Set

Mastercarver 12" Quarter Carving Bar & 3/8" Chain Set

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 This set includes everything needed to convert most chainsaws into a mini nose carving saw in less than 5-minutes! Just replace your chainsaw's existing bar and chain with the new bar and chain included in this set and your chainsaw will be ready for carving. The universal fit bar and 3/8" (.375") chain included in this set fit virtually any small gas or electric chainsaw with a factory-supplied 3/8" (.375") chain drive sprocket. Note: Most (but not all) small and medium-sized chainsaws are factory supplied with (.375") chain drive sprocket installed (verify this by checking your saw or saw manual). There are no sprockets to replace because this set uses your saw’s factory-supplied 3/8” (.375) sprocket. The carving bar features: versatile 12” length, and mini quarter-sized tip, precision machining, specially hardened and Stellite coated steel.
This set includes a 271012 Mastercarver® 12" carving bar and matching 270345 3/8" (.375" chain) high-performance saw chain.

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