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Masterpoxy™ High Strength Pro Epoxy

Masterpoxy™ High Strength Pro Epoxy

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Mastercarver® Masterpoxy™ High Strength Pro Epoxy is superior for bonding wood, glass, metal or other materials! The two part epoxies (equal mix A and B parts) provide major advantages over traditional wood or resin glues. These epoxies need no high pressure clamping and will not shrink! Excellent for bonding wood, metal, glass, foam, leather, carbon graphite and certain plastics! The formulas are high grade, professional strength. 
Masterpoxy™ High Strength Pro Epoxy is preferred when extra assembly time or maximum strength is needed. 

- Easy mixing.
- Minimum 1-hour working time for precision bonding.
- Typical initial cure: 4-6 hours (24-hours full cure). 
- Will not run or sag. 
- For strong, tough bonds to metals, phenolic plastics, epoxy laminates, glass and glass fabrics, rubber, wood and wood products, ceramics, masonry materials and construction materials. 

Two Jars: A and B, 4-oz. total.

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