OM / Classical, 1 Yellow Cypress 0.15
OM / Classical, 1 Yellow Cypress 0.15' Guitar set (+Professional) - Stock# 20251

OM / Classical, 1 Yellow Cypress 0.15" Guitar set (+Professional) - Stock# 20251

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Price: CAD$:19.00
Part Number: 20251
in Stock: 1
1 Yellow Cypress (cupressus nootkatensis) bookmatched set of two pieces.
Size: 0.15" x 8.5" x 23" each half.
Excellent tonewood, very stiff, super-tight grains.
Were it not for the minor color banding, this would be 2A grade.
No structural defects in the template area.
Quartersawn, roughsawn.
Air dried, well aged (over one year old), currently at 10% moisture content. Natural.

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