Newly Listed items
 Guitar body sets
Flame Figure tops
Spalt Figure tops
Quilt Figure tops
Burl + Birdseye Figure tops
Walnut + Other tops
Bass Wings
Solid Body blanks + Billets
Electric Guitar Kits - woods only
 Archtop sets
Hardwoods Backs & Sides
Softwood Archtops
Archtop Kits - woods only
 Acoustic Backs & Sides
Maple Back & Side sets
Rosewood Back & Side sets
Walnut Back & Side sets
Other Back & Side sets
Backs only
Sides only
 Acoustic Tops
Sitka Spruce tops
Engelmann Spruce tops
Red Cedar tops
Adirondak (Red) Spruce tops
Hybrid Spruce
Yellow Cypress + Other
 Bracewood + Tone Bar + Structural Parts
Bracewood + Tone Bar
Reinforcement Parts
 Mandolin + Violin
Backs (Hardwoods)
Tops (Softwoods)
Mandolin Violin Kits - Woods and Parts
 Necks + Fingerboards + Bridge Blanks
Heel Blocks + End Blocks
Bridge Blanks
 Instrument Parts + Hardware
Nuts + Bone Saddles + Bridge Pins
Electric Saddles + Tailpieces + Bridges
Pickups + Electronic Components
Fretwire + Fretting Tools
Bindings + Purfling + Kerfing
Rosettes + Inlay + Decorative parts
Position Markers
Truss Rods + Neck Reinforcement Rods
Pickguards - Plastic
Wood Pickguards / Headstock / Rosettes
 Craftwood + Turningwood + Carving Wood
Turning Rounds + Squares
Carving Wood
Live Edge Slabs
Large Spindles: Pool Cues, Baseball Bats, Vases, Urns
Medium Spindles: Peppermill blanks
Small Spindles: Knife Scales, Pen Blanks
Scroll saw + Intarsia + Pyrography
 Hand Tools + Supplies + Books
Luthier Tools + Books / Plans
Carving Knifes + Chisels (wood carving)
Wood Treatment, Glue
 Machinery + Power Tools
Sanders + Accessories
Bandsaws + Blades + Accessories
Lathes + Lathe Tools + Accessories
Planers + Jointers + Accessories
Dust Collectors + Vacuums + Air Filtration
Table Saws
Stationary and Bench Tools - Accessories
Wood Burning - Wood Carving
Power Tools
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Commercial Finance Program
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Note to Walk In Customers:

Some generic items (items with letters in the stock numbers) are processed after the order is placed and therefore may not be available immediately upon request in-store. Please inquire with us about stock availability before coming in, or create an online order and note that you would like to pick it up in-store.

Our Guarantee:

All our listings come with a money back guarantee that the items are as seen / as advertised.

If there are problems with your purchase, please let us know at within 14 days from receipt of your item. We will only refund purchases as long as the wood has not been damaged or altered in any way.

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