Shopping Bag

Professional grade

  • Ranging from Very stiff to Fairly stiff 
  • Some color variation and other minor irregularities
  • Growth rings may be nonuniform (+8 GPI)
  • Uneven - open and closed - grain patterns
  • Quartersawn, within 20 degrees
  • May have some hard / compression grains 

The Professional grade is mostly used in inexpensive guitars by our mainstream clientele. That being said, these lower grade tops can - at times - be a tremendous bargain for the luthiers who prefer to add a certain “character” to their instrument and put more value in the tonal quality of the set, rather than its looks. Whenever we list these lower grade sets on our website, we’ll make sure to select only those for which the grading criterion does not do justice (for example where a high grade stiff top will be downgraded to a lesser grade due to a minor cosmetic defect such as color banding).