Slimline Gold Pencil Kit
Slimline Gold Pencil Kit

Slimline Gold Pencil Kit

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Price: CAD$:8.79
Part Number: PSI-PK-PCL
in Stock: 4
These Slimline 24kt pencil kits are very easy to make, a great seller and ideal for beginners as well as advanced turners. (PENCIL LEAD NOT INCLUDED)

Type:Lead Pencil
How Turned:Pen Mandrel
Drill Sizes Used:7mm Drill Bit
Skill Level:Very Easy
Blank Size:9/16 x 2-1/32
Refill Type:.7mm lead
Compatible Tube Sizes:7mm
Bushings Needed:#PKM-BUSH3
Extra Tubes:7mm Slimline Tubes
Category:Slimline Pen Kits

*this item does not count towards the offered discounts
*Hardware only, wood not included

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