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8" Radius Edge CBN Wheel, 5/8" arbor, 80 Grit

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Wheel size:
  1. Diameter = 8 inches
  2. Arbor hole = 5/8"
  3. Wheel width = 1.5"
  • CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels are State-of-the-Art for grinding high-speed steel tools
  • These wheels are designed for use with bench-type grinders. 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm
  • Perfect for sharpening Woodturning Tools (high speed steel)
  • Provides a superior edge compared to the old stone wheel
  • Balanced  does not require "truing" 

These wheels will change the way you sharpen forever Think razor sharp edges.

CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels are electroplated and nickel coated. Electroplating offers many advantages over other applications. It creates a more aggressive bond over other applications and will hold a form longer. It also performs a higher stock removal rate and will last for years. They are designed for sharpening high speed steels only and should not be used for other applications. These wheels have a 1.5" face so they are easy to use and work well with the Wolverine Sharpening System. The 80-grit wheel whips your tools into the profile you want and you can even finish grind your tools with it as well as raise a burr for your scrapers.

*Image shown may not be actual grit*