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Flexcut 11-Piece Craft Carver Set

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The Flexcut® 11-Piece Craft Carver Set is an extremely portable kit. Utilizing a comfort quick-change handle, this set allows you to work on your projects anywhere, anytime, without the worry of bringing your whole shop with you.

Set Includes:
- Comfortable Resin Quick-Change Handle - Allows for quick changes of up to 50 different blade shapes, and provides easier storage.
- 10 Blades -  (SK329) #1 x 1/4", (SK305) #3 x 3/8", (SK400) #3 x 5/8", (SK401) #5 x 9/16", (SK306) #6 x 5/16", (SK801) #9 x 1.5mm, (SK309) #11 x 1/8", (SK408) #11 x 1/4", (SK803) 45 deg. x 1mm, (SK307) 70 deg. x 1/4"
- Pre-Printed Carving Blank - Basswood leaf project carving blank, with step by step instructions to complete it.
- 11-Pocket Pouch - Protective carrying pouch safely keeps your tools in a roll and allows you to carry the set around wherever you need.

High Quality, Made in the USA