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Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19
Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19

DustFX 3 HP Hepa Dust Collector

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The DustFX WorkShop series of portable air cleaning equipment is designed for use by woodworkers who truly care about the environment they work in.
, . The CWI-DCP210H is a 2300 cfm small portable collector with a 3 HP/15 amp 220 volt motor with a removable safety start switch. This machine is loaded with high performance features starting with our “Hepa” manual clean canister filtration. On this machine we have two Hepa canisters for filtration. Advanced performance Hepa filtration will filter out 99.6% of all dust particles .3 to .5 micron and 100% of all dust particles 1 micron and larger. To clean the canister simply move the cleaning handle a few rotations upon completion of each use. We also utilize lower reusable cloth bags with a viewing window to monitor dust collection levels. It seems most competitors in today’s market supply machines with a replaceable plastic lower bag. Customers very quickly learn that these plastic bags are very expensive, damage easily, are difficult to install/remove and just don’t last. Both our Hepa canisters and bottom DustFX cloth bags use a quick release spring tension aluminum bag clamps. The lower bag clamp slides though a fully sewn clamp holder in the bag itself to make a perfect dust seal as well as making removal/replacement of the bags a breeze. Another major advantage to DustFX dust collectors is the use of a balance machined cast aluminum impeller for improved performance. Not only does aluminum not produce sparks from accidently sucked up screws or other metal objects, but also because of the machining process the cast aluminum impeller runs smoother and quieter. The CWI-DCP210H utilizes a 12” fin diameter spacing with 3.5” long fins to create excellence in performance with an 8” dust inlet which features a screen to block large pieces of wood from damaging the impeller. An 6” adaptor to three 4” dust inlets is included with the machine. Sound level is only 88db at 10 feet from the machine. For portability the machine features four multi-directional casters to make movement around the shop with ease. DustFX not only talks about their quality and advanced performance they also back it up with a five year home use warranty. Specifications:
  • Balance Machined Cast Aluminum Impeller
  • Explosion Proof Impeller Design
  • Reusable Cloth Lower Collection Bag w/Viewer Window
  • Dust Capacity of 336 Litre
  • Two Hepa Manual Clean Canister Filters 19.5” Dia.
  • Filters 99.6% of .3 micron and 100% of 1 Micron and larger
  • Filter Surface Area = 5.04 sq meters
  • Quick Release Aluminum Bag Strap Clamps w/Full Sewn Clamp Pockets
  • Plastic Bag Holder Clips for Optional Plastic Lower Dust Bags
  • Multi-Directional Casters for Ease of Movement
  • 2300 CFM
  • Sound Level @10’ is 88db
  • 14.5” Water Lift
  • Three 4” Dust Inlets or one 6” diameter Inlet
  • Impeller Safety Shield for large Debris
  • TEFC Industrial Duty Cycle 3 HP Motor
  • 15 Amp 220/1/60 - Requires 20 Amp Breaker
  • CSA Electrics with Removable Safety Switch
  • Floor Space 1550mm x 550mm x 1790mm
  • Shipping Dimensions 1320mm x 580mm x 580mm
  • Filter Shipping Dimensions 540mm x 540mm x 715mm X2
  • 212 Pounds Shipping Weight