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Rivolver M42 Cryo 10mm Captive Ring Tool

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CWI-TT805-10MM The Rivolver range of HSS woodturning tools are truly in a class of their own. These beautiful tools are manufactured with Black European Beech hardwood handles coupled with M42HSS chisel blades which are also Cryogenically treated to dramatically improve their edge holding capabilities. M42 is a premium cobalt high speed steel with a chemical composition designed for high hardness and superior hot hardness. M42 exhibits excellent wear resistance by virtue of high heat-treated hardness (68 to 70 HRC), and the high cobalt content imparts the hot hardness. As such, the cutting edges on tools made from M42 super high speed steel stay sharp and hard in heavy-duty and high-production cutting applications. By comparison M2 HSS steel, also a good quality steel, has a heat- treated hardness of 65 HRC. By incorporating M42 Super HSS, and then cryogenically treating the steel by lowering the temperatures on the steel to again improve toughness, the Rivolver M42HSS Cryo tools will allow a very sharp cutting edge and also hold that sharpness much longer than any other standard HSS steel chisel. The woodturner looking for above normal excellent performance from their turning tools need look no further than Rivolver M42HSS Cryo chisels. The Rivolver TT-805 10mm Captive Ring Tools comes with a 320mm (12.6") Black European Beech hardwood handle and a 170mm (6.7") length chisel for a very comfortable overall length of 490mm (19.25").This tool is perfect for making items of jewelry, napkin rings, curtain ring or even wheels.