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Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19
Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19

SandX 37" HD Double Drum Sander - 7.55 HP Single Phase

SKU: CWI-S3707M1
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SandX produces a full range of drum sanders from 13” -38” in width in either single or dual sanding heads. All SandX drum sanders are built with exceptional features and performance standards so users can expect outstanding sanding results.
The SandX CWI-S3707 and CWI-S2505 drum sanders are built for extra heavy duty production requirements in educational or industrial settings. Both machines are available in either single phase power or three phase power. The CWI-S3707 is a 37” two head drum sander with dynamically balanced 6” diameter x 37” precisely machined steel sanding heads which incorporate a spring loaded adjuster to keep constant tension on the sanding belt with mechanical fasteners at each end of the drums for fast sandpaper changes. Both heads have a vulcanized rubber surface to limit heat buildup and to add better performance in fine sanding operations and operate at a speed of 2410 feet per minute. For changing abrasives simply cut a 6” wide strip of heavy backed cloth abrasive to length based on the original pattern strip….clip the sanding strip into the spring loaded abrasive holder….wrap the abrasive the full length of the drum and finish by pulling the spring loaded clip…attach the other end of the cloth strip and release for tightness. It is really that simple! Sanding cloth is sold separately in 25 yard/meter rolls and available in grits from 36 Grit to 220 Grit. There are three 1.5” diameter rubber hold down rollers with micro tension adjustment to hold the workpiece firmly to the industrial rubber conveyer belt running over a cast iron work table. The rear sanding head on this machine is easily adjustable to accommodate the thickness differences in the abrasive cloth as well as to ensure parallelism of the two heads. The head can be adjusted with the supplied wrench to 7 different set heights in 1.2mm increments utilizing a steel ball position insert. If both heads use the same grit then the drums would be set at the same height. If different grit sizes are used then the back head would use a finer grit cloth and be adjusted slightly lower for better sanding performance. Never skip more than one grit size in cloth. Example is if you use 100 grit on first head then you can skip 120 grit and use 150 grit on the second head. This sequence is to allow the abrasive grain on the second head to remove the scratches from the first head. Too fine a grit will not remove the course grit scratches in the work piece. The CWI-S3707M1 utilizes a strong 7.5 HP 220 volt single phase motor (CWI-S3707M2 is 10 HP 220 volt three phase power) for excellent sanding performance as well as a two speed rubber conveyer belt for a very solid grip of the work piece. The 37” industrial style rubber conveyer belt runs over a cast iron work table for strength and machined for flatness and is easily adjusted for tracking. There is a simple speed control lever at the back of the machine to switch the speed of the belt from 4’ to 14’ feet per minute. For added safety and performance a dust tight magnetic safety switch is standard equipment with a main disconnect switch to cut power from the machine for service and belt changes. Perfect for school use! The SandX rubber feed belt is powered by a ¼ HP industrial feed motor and utilizes the same rubber material used on large industrial wide belt sanders. The adjustable table height will accommodate work pieces from 1/8” thick to 5.25” material thicknesses. A minimum stock length of 9” is required unless the operator butt feeds the work piece. The frame of the machine is a very solid one-piece welded steel structure with a hinged upper cover with hydraulic support arms for access to the drums for sandpaper replacement. The conveyer feed table is adjusted up and down by a large hand wheel connected to an oversized rack and pinion ball screw system at each side of the table. The very efficient dust collection hood has two 4” dust inlets which should have at least a 1400 CFM capacity collector attached to it. The SandX CWI-S3707 drum sander is truly a class above its competition in providing features and performance woodworkers will truly appreciate. Specifications:
  • CWI-S3707M1- 7.55 HP 220/1/60 Main Motor
  • CWI-S3707M2- 10 HP 220/3/60 Main Motor
  • 37” Sanding Width Capacity
  • Two 6” x 37” Rubber Covered Steel Sanding Heads (6” Wide Abrasives)
  • Sanding Drum Speed 2410 FPM
  • Spring Loaded Sanding Strip Adjustment Keeps Constant Tension
  • Mechanical Sanding Strip Fasteners at each end of Drum
  • Adjustable Height Rear Drum (7 Positions in 1.2mm increments)
  • Industrial Quality Rubber Feed Belt
  • 1/8” to 5.25” Sanding Height
  • 9” Minimum Work Piece Length
  • Cast Iron Work Table
  • Easy Adjust Conveyer Tracking
  • Two Speed Conveyer at 3.7’ and 14.2’ Per Min
  • Rack and pinion Ball Screw Table Height Adjustment
  • Three 1.5” Rubber Covered Hold Down Rollers
  • Hinged Machine Hood with Hydraulic Supports
  • Dual 4” Dust Inlets (1400CFM Required)
  • Floor Space 56.5” x 44” x 41”
  • Shipping Dimensions (60” x 45.5” x 45”)
  • Shipping Weight 1144 LBS