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Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19
Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19

Stinger 4 Row 13" Carbide Helical Cutterhead (Fits Dewalt DW735)

SKU: CWI-HC13-01
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Stinger carbide helical cutterheads are designed by CWI Woodworking Technologies to be the best performing cutters on the market today for thickness planers and jointers.
Helical technology for improved performance on thickness planers and jointers has evolved over the last number of years to the point today where almost all users realize the vast difference over standard high speed steel heads as well as the hybrid quick change high speed steel heads. In normal cutting conditions it is well proven that a carbide wood cutting tool edge will outlast high speed steel by as much as 50 times the life span. With the Stinger 15mm square four sided carbide knife users will see up to 200 times the lifespan of a typical sharp high speed steel knife. Our customers find they get between one to two years of life for each edge of knife cutting hardwoods like oak and maple so typically users will see up to eight years of normal use of their planer or jointer before having to replace their worn knives. This Stinger 4 Row carbide helical cutterhead is made for use on the Dewalt DW735 portable 13" thickness planer. What Makes the Stinger Different? Typical helical carbide heads on the market today use four to six rows of knives. The Stinger heads for portable planers are a smaller diameter than our five row heads on larger commercial planers and jointers so we use four rows on this head because of the diameter of the head and the speed the motor turns the cutter head at. Why? For the best results when planning wood with a helical cutterhead the user wants more knife cuts per inch as the wood feeds through the machine but as well because of the stagger of the knives the head needs to have very good overlap of knife placement to avoid knife marks in the wood. With portable planers turning at 8000 to 10,000 rpm the four row Stinger cutter head vastly improves the knive cuts per inch over a standard two or three knife portable planer cutterhead. Carbide helical cutterheads are well proven to be far superior to high speed steel knife heads for ease of maintenance, quality of cut, lifespan of the knives, and not to be forgotten is the major improvement in quietness in the cut. The Stinger Carbide Helical cuttterhead for thickness planers and jointers are truly in a class of their own.