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Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19
Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19

Roi 3mm Edgebanding Workstation

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The Roi 3mm Edging Workstation is a truly unique glue pot edgebander for smaller shops looking for a very flexible machine for all their edging needs. Larger shops needing contour edgbanding flexibilities and proto type capacities will also find great satisfaction with the abilities of this Italian made machine. The Roi EW3 has the agility for edging straight panels, circular panels, ovals, concave and convex panels using edging tapes in veneers or PVC's from .4mm to 3mm in thickness and up to 60 mm in height. There is no other machine on the market today that can handle this many applications and tape types and styles like the EW3 does. So whether you need to improve your quality of work....the speed of your work.....your capacity of work....or profit for your work....the EW3 is truly the best option for your shop. Made in our factory in Italy this flexible machine runs on 220 volt single phase power and will allow users to edge from .4mm to 3mm tapes with a variable speed tape drive from nine to 23 feet per minute. Once the edging tape is applied the operator can then take the panel to the high frequency top/bottom trim station to clean the edges. Once the edging has been trimmed the operator then moves the panel to the motorized saw blade end trimming station to complete the task. By changing the support roller positioning the operator can easily switch between straight or curved panels to be edged. Floor space required for the Roi EW3 Workstation Edging machine is about the same as a small desk with only a 30" x 51" footprint .It is fully CSA certified and built to allow its operator the flexibility to take on all edging jobs with speed and quality of workmanship! Specifications:
  • Glue Pot w/quick heat time
  • Variable Speed Drive 9-23 ft/min
  • .4-3mm Edge Thickness
  • 10-60mm Edge Height
  • Curved or Straight Edging Capabilities
  • Foot Pedal Operated Tape Guillotine
  • 12,000 RPM High Frequency Motor Top/Bottom Trimming Station w/Replicable Knives
  • 800mm Revolving Tape Tray
  • .6HP Saw Blade End Trim Station 100mm Dia.
  • 220/1/60 Electrics
  • CSA Certified
  • Small Footprint 30" x 51" x 43"
  • 440 LBS
  • Made in Italy