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Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19
Let's celebrate the goods, the bads, and The Dads. Use Coupon Code "DADSARERAD2024" for 10% OFF All Craftwood & Tonewood Products until Jun. 19

Stallion 1.5HP Table Saw with 30" Deluxe Fence

SKU: CWI-T1002
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Product Details

Elevate your woodworking capabilities with the CWI-T1002, a table saw that outshines competitors in its class, offering a perfect blend of features, quality, performance, and price.

Deluxe Stallion Fencing System:
At the forefront of its features is the deluxe Stallion fencing system, a testament to precision and durability. Crafted from solid steel tubing welded to robust angle iron, the "T" style fencing system also boasts anodized aluminum t-slot fence rails almost 2.5" tall on each side. The fence, just under 42" long and almost 4" wide, rides on a 2" angle iron, supported by a 2 3/8" tubular steel guide, providing a 30" cut to the right of the saw blade (with an optional 50" capacity). The versatility of the fence allows for a 13" cut to the left side, ensuring accuracy with adjustable screws for perfect parallelism and proper locking pressure.

True Cabinet Saw Design:
Unlike many competitors in this class, known as "hybrid" contractor saws, the CWI-T1002 is a true cabinet saw paired with a strong 1.5HP, 15A motor wired for 115-volt workshops. The unique trunnion system, permanently mounted to the heavy-gauge metal cabinet, ensures stability and minimizes maintenance compared to a contractor saw. With a cast iron table top bolted to the cabinet, adjustments for accuracy are made effortlessly by loosening only four large bolts. This design, with a Vertical Slide trunnion system, allow for a much heavier built trunnion and more robust mounting system, creating unmatched accuracy even under heavy workloads.

Innovative Vertical Slide Trunnion and Motor Design:
The trunnion system of the CWI-T1002 sets it apart, featuring a unique Vertical Slide design for added robustness. The 1.5HP motor slides straight up and down, offering strength to handle larger loads. The unique saw blade drive system employs a single multi-rib flat drive belt, ensuring cooler operation, longevity, and the ability to handle stronger loads than traditional V belts.

Enhanced User-Friendly Features:
Beyond performance, the CWI-T1002 caters to user convenience. The cast iron table top boasts two 12” cast iron wings, providing a generous 27” deep by 44” wide working area. Additional safety features include a see-through easy-adjust blade guard and a wrenchless quick-release riving knife. Robust hand wheels with a strong locking knob simplify blade positioning, making it convenient for dado and miter operations. The built-in spring-loaded arbor lock streamlines blade changes by only requiring one wrench and plenty of workspace, ensuring added efficiency and ease.

Efficient Dust Collection System:
The Stallion table saw goes a step further in its design with a meticulous approach to dust removal. Featuring a 4” dust connection port in the base, complemented by a cleanout door, users can easily maintain cleanliness. During operation, a 2.5” hose travels from the dust port to the blade, efficiently directing dust from the enclosed saw blade cavity to the dust collector, ensuring a clean workspace and prolonged equipment life.

Stallion Table Saws are truly in a class of their own, built with the attitude, grace, strength, performance and beauty you would expect… from a Stallion.


  • Stallion Easy Adjust Fencing System for precise cuts
  • Heavy Duty 41 3/8” x 3 7/8” Steel Fence with Anodized Aluminum Sides
  • Cast Iron “T-Slot” Miter Gauge for accurate angle adjustments
  • Robust Cabinet Mounted Vertical Slide Trunnion System
  • Enclosed Saw Blade Cavity w/2.5” Dust Hose Connection
  • Quick Release See Through Blade Guard
  • Quick Release Riving Knife to prevent kickback
  • Storage Mounts for Fence, Miter Gauge, and Stock Pusher
  • Lockable Safety Switch for added security
  • Optional 50” Fence System (CWI-T1002L) available.
  • CSA Certification


  • Motor: 15 AMP 1.5 HP 115/220 Volt Motor (Wired 115 volt).
  • Saw Blade: 10” Dia x 5/8” Bore (blade not included).
  • Saw Blade Tilt: Left tilting saw blade.
  • RPM: 4200 revolutions per minute.
  • Cut Capacity: 3 1/8” at 90 degrees, 2 1/4” at 45 degrees.
  • Work Surface: 27” x 44” Cast Iron Work Surface, 36” working height.
  • Dust Collection: 4” Dust Inlet Diameter, enclosed saw blade cavity
  • Dimensions: Floor Space - 44” x 61” x 40”.
  • Shipping Dimensions: Saw - 30” x 31” x 51”, Rail - 60” x 3.5” x 3”.
  • Weight: 377 Pounds Shipping Weight (Two Pieces).